About Us

Established in 1968 'Milestone Corp.' is a name to reckon with in the field of realty development in the dazzling city of Surat. At Milestone Group, we believe that buildings should stand the test of time in terms of quality. We ensure this by using building materials of the highest quality and hiring excellent craftsmen to build them. Our design philosophy is driven by simplicity of form and functionality for its users; resulting in projects designed not for the bottom line, but as spaces for families to grow and business to flourish.

We believe that customers must have a stress-free experience during and after the sales process. With this belief, we have conducted our business in a fair and transparent manner for more than 50 years, which is testament in itself.

Our Values

Trust, Commitment, Customer Satisfaction, Service to Society, Safety.


To be the customers preferred choice for real estate in Surat, Gujarat- India.


To deliver projects with the highest quality, timeliness and ethical standards.

Why Choose Milestone?

Our experience ranges from the design of premium apartments, luxury tourist accommodation to a bespoke designed Building functions are strategically planned to utilise passive design principles through responsive building envelope treatments. Architecture and landscape have been seamlessly integrated with a central courtyard created between the main building and smaller training facility . The design of the luxury apartments and the more efficient energy concepts using the proximity of the natural elements of water and sea. The residences are site responsive and deeply connect to the land and its cycles of climate and seasonal usage.

Strong & Safe Projects

Milestone mandates such as passive principles, are always undertaken in a rigorous site and parameter assessment analysis. Expressing that spirit is an intuitive process based on our three core values. The design of the luxury business centers and the more efficient concepts using the proximity of the nature. The site responsive and deeply connect to the land and its cycles of climate and seasonal usage.